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Cookie Statement SportsCloud International Ltd

What are cookies?
Cookies are small text files placed on your computer or mobile device by a website when you visit a site or page for the first time. The cookie will help the website or another website recognize your device at your next visit. We use the word “cookies” in this policy to refer to all files that collect data in this manner. We only use cookies in accordance with applicable legislation.

Cookies have a lot of uses. For example, they help us store your login credentials, authentication details, and other essential information, but also help remember non-essential information such as your preferences. They also help analyze how well our website works, or enable us to recommend content which we believe is the most relevant to you.

What types of cookies and other tracking technologies does SportsCloud International Ltd use?
The cookies on SportsCloud International Ltd can be divided into four categories:

  • Essential/Required cookies
    These cookies are essential for the core activity of our website and are activated automatically when you use the website. We also store your permission settings in a cookie to remember this for future visits.
  • Performance cookies
    These cookies help improve the performance of the website and enhance the user experience. This enables us to offer a great experience on our website, to adapt its content, and to rapidly identify and resolve any issues. We use, for example, performance cookies to monitor which pages are the most popular, which method of linking between pages is the most effective, and to determine why some pages are sent error messages. You can turn these cookies on or off insofar as they are used by SportsCloud International Ltd.
  • Online behavioral cookies
    These cookies are used for customer profiling. SportsCloud International Ltd uses an online engagement software program called BlueConic. This software progressively creates an individual customer profile through different channels, from the first visit of an anonymous visitor to a known customer. It tracks all real-time channel changes and necessary recognition transfers and mergers that take place in between. This allows SportsCloud International Ltd to dynamically categorize these persons based on their profiles. BlueConic then serves the most relevant content on the SportsCloud International Ltd websites or initiates online interactions. You can turn these cookies on or off.

Rejecting cookies
Do you want to reject cookies? You can manually remove cookies through your Internet browser or have them removed automatically at the end of a browsing session. You can also configure your browser session to show you a message when a cookie is saved. Or configure your browser to ensure cookies cannot be saved at all. In this case, you may be unable to use all the features of this website.

You have the right to request access to and correction or removal of your data. Refer to our Privacy Statement for this. We will ask you to adequately identify yourself to prevent any abuse. You must provide a copy of the cookie if you request access to personal data associated with a cookie. You can find this cookie in your browser settings.

Our website contains Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube buttons. These buttons and videos operate using code provided by these companies. This code is used to place cookies that can be read by these companies. We cannot control how these companies use these data. Regularly consult the privacy policies of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube to learn what they do with the (personal) data processed through these cookies.

The overview below shows which cookies are used by SportsCloud International Ltd. The names correspond to the files placed on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Overview of SportsCloud International Ltd cookies:

OriginCookie namePurpose
BlueConicBCPermissionLevel; BCSessionID; BCRevision; BCReferrerOverrule; AWSELBThese cookies are placed by BlueConic and are used to show personal information and relevant advertisements on our website based on an analysis and combination of online data and (personal) data, such as click behavior and product ownership.
DoubleClick.doubleClickDoubleClick places a cookie to measure clicks and requests in order to optimize our advertisement campaigns.
Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube You can share a page of SportsCloud International Ltd on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or GooglePlus using these buttons. These buttons work using code provided by these social networks. A cookie will also be placed when you watch a YouTube video on SportsCloud International Ltd.
GoogleID, CONSENT, NID, OGPC, PREFGoogle places a cookie to measure clicks and requests in order to optimize our advertisement campaigns.
Google Analytics_gaGoogle Analytics is the analysis tool provided by Google which is used by website and application owners to determine how users use their sites. The tool can use a number of cookies to collect information and usage statistics for websites, without personally identifying any Google visitors.
Tidio__cfduidYou can use the chat feature offered by Tidio if you quickly want to ask a question on the website. Tidio also has a so-called “Automation” option. We can use this to welcome a new visitor in a certain manner, or show a different greeting to a recurring visitor. The tool can use a cookie to conduct a conversation.

Third parties
SportsCloud International Ltd places, or enables third parties to place, cookies which belong in one of the four categories described above. Keep in mind that you may encounter cookies of third parties during your visit. For example, we use Google Analytics to monitor our website traffic.

The website and applications may contain buttons, widgets, tools, or content which link to other company services, such as the “Like” or “Share” buttons provided by Facebook. We may collect information about your use of these features.

Any permission for the use of these third-party cookies can also be controlled using the dialog window with permission settings displayed on the website. Once permission has been granted, SportsCloud International Ltd will not control the distribution of these external cookies. Consult the websites of these third parties for more information about this distribution.

Which data do we collect?
In accordance with the above in particular and this policy in general, SportsCloud International Ltd collects:

  • Data about you that you have provided by completing and submitting a form or field on the website. These data may include your first name, surname, mailing address, country of residence, e-mail address, telephone number, company address, and other information. Naturally, providing this information is optional;
  • Our e-mails may contain a web beacon/pixel tag which tells SportsCloud International Ltd whether you have received or opened the e-mail or have clicked on a link in this e-mail. We may use this information to reduce or eliminate the messages we sent to customers;
  • The SportsCloud International Ltd websites may contain buttons, widgets, tools, or content which link to other services provided by other companies (such as the “Like” or “Share” buttons provided by Facebook). We may collect information about your use of these features. When you use these buttons, tools, or content, or if these are present on a SportsCloud International Ltd web page you visit, certain information from your browser may be sent to this other company. Study the privacy policy of this company for more information.

What do we use the collected information for?
SportsCloud International Ltd uses personal data we collect about you in a number of ways, such as:

  • Providing the SportsCloud International Ltd websites to you in the best possible manner, as well as any information you have requested;
  • Obtaining a better understanding of how our websites are used to enable us to improve our services, content, and marketing;
  • Adapting a website, application, or SportsCloud International Ltd marketing campaign to your probable interests, using BlueConic;
  • For internal purposes, such as carrying out audits, data analysis, and research to improve our products and services, as well as our communication with our customers;
  • Carrying out a marketing study of our customers, their interests, and the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns;
  • Reducing fraud and software piracy, and protecting our customers, as well as SportsCloud International Ltd.

How can I manage these cookies?
You can change the settings in your browser if you do not want to accept all cookies. These settings can usually be found in the “Options” or “Preferences” menu of your browser. For more information, consult the “Help” menu of your browser.

Cookie settings in: Google Chrome | Firefox | Safari | Internet Explorer

If you change your settings and block cookies, certain features of our website will no longer be available, and you will potentially no longer be able to make full use of it.

How does SportsCloud International Ltd treat my personal data?
SportsCloud International Ltd greatly values protecting your privacy. This is why we have drawn up a Privacy Statement which describes how we treat your (personal) data.